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Indore’s premier hybrid mall and office complex, BCM Zodiac, is situated close to AH47 (Mumbai-Agra Road) in the sought-after Nipania area. With its creative design, this 1 million square foot building redefines development standards. Providing upscale workspaces for medium-sized to large businesses, every floor has 50,000 square feet. Supermarkets and fitness centers are integrated amenities that enhance the business setting, while a gourmet food court and a six-screen multiplex are part of the retail area. The building’s layout consists of an upper ground floor, a multiplex floor with a food court, lobby, and game zone mezzanine floor with shops and roomy corridors, abasement with parking and a hypermarket; a lower ground floor with mall entry/exit; additional parking; and corporate space on upper floors. Discover unmatched luxury
and convenience at BCM Zodiac, where every detail is crafted for your satisfaction.



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